Benches and Billboards in Edson

Edson Benches and Billboards

Edson Benches and Billboards

Alpine Exposure is West-Central Alberta’s primary advertising agency offering benches and billboards in Edson, Whitecourt, and Hinton.

Edson Benches and Billboards are your best choice of advertising if:

1 You want to reach potential customers several times a day
Newspapers and flyers are read only once and thrown away.
2 You want your message to reach tourists
No other media (newspapers, radio) can reach the thousands of tourists that drive the Yellowhead highway each day.
3 You want to direct highway traffic off the highway
(e.g. “turn left at lights”, or “stay right”)
4 You need geographic messaging
Are you only interested in westbound tourists?
Are you interest in workers headed to a specific oil field?
5 You need the cheapest form of advertising…bar none.


Advertisement Imprints per Day * Price per Day Price per Imprint *
Billboards 5500 $16.40 $0.003
Benches 5500 $2.50 $0.0005
Newspaper ad (1/4 page) 2400  $59.29 $0.17
Radio ad
(30 seconds, twice daily)

* An “imprint” it whenever someone reads or hears your message. Weekly newspaper readership was divided by 7 days.

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